The correct way to build and operate an online store

The correct way to build and operate an online store

Technology has allowed businesses to shift their operations to the internet. Nowadays, many businesses do not even open physical stores. They simply create an online store and conduct business online. But there is a certain procedure that must be followed for that.

The first step in the setting up of an online business is to create a brand image. You have to give your business a creative name. It should be such that the potential customers remember it. Once you have given your business an interesting name, you need to spread it across your target audience. The name should remind people about your product or service.

Next comes the actual process to start an online store.

What are my options to create my own online store?

The first, more expensive option is to hire a web developer. These are people who specialize in making websites. They start with a blank slate and design a brand-new site for you. You can also tell them what you want your site to look like. However, they charge a significant fee for their job. If you yourself know how to make a website, you can build an online store yourself too. This may save you the money, but the time it takes to make a website is still too much. Therefore, most people go for other shortcuts.

A cheaper and quicker option would be to use an online store builder. These are also of two types. One is done via signing up on third-party websites. The other type is an online tool, called a website builder.

  • Shopify online store is perhaps the best online store builder Canada. Shopify offers a platform to entrepreneurs for selling their products and services. They also have a trusted online payment system. All you have to do is sign up on the website. It then guides you on how to open up your own store on the site. Other good options are Amazon and eBay.
  • The alternative for making an online store website is to use a free tool such as There are many tools available online which have templates you can apply and publish right away. Just use any ecommerce website builder for your store, paying little to no money.

Depending on your time and budget constraints, you can choose one option for the store that will work best for you and launch your business.

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The Bright and Dark sides of using Shopify as online store Builder

The Bright and Dark sides of using Shopify as online store Builder

Suppose that you have decided to build an online store because you have realised that your business needs to establish an online presence to promote sales and brand name in front of the potential customers. Now you have taken this decision, but another question arises, how to make online store? Fortunately they are some ecommerce platforms which are identified as software designed to build an online store. Among them, one of them is famous which goes by the name of Shopify.

Shopify is the ecommerce platform where you can design and build an online store. Many experts recommend using this store builder because of its two distinct features, first you can easily design the website; second you don’t any savvy technical skills to launch the website.
However we cannot say that with confirmation that it doesn’t have drawbacks, it does have. Below is the list of the advantages and disadvantages of using the Shopify as online store builder.

1. As aforementioned it is easy to set up, you just need to login in and register yourself as member. There is the feature of centralised dashboard where you can manage the content, images and blog effortlessly.

2. You can have access to their Theme store which consists of more than 100 professional themes to give your website a striking look. If you don’t find any eye catching theme, you can hire someone from Shopify website team to make one for you.

3. Shopify offers variety of payment options. With this feature, you don’t need to worry about offering your customer a limited range of choosing the payment mode.

4. It comes with built in SEO features. This feature is important in promoting your website, because when customers will type the products they are looking for in search engine, it will provide with numerous options. So it is important to improve your website ranking with this feature so that customers can come and buy your products.

Just like every other thing, even a rose has a thorn. Here is the list of disadvantages;

1. It’s not free; you have pay for every little thing, even for customising the theme, which can be expensive in near future.

2. If you are thinking of moving your online store from Shopify in near future, don’t even bother building it from start. Because it will gets difficult shifting your online store to another. Even if you are successful, all the content and data will be gone.

3. It comes with limited set of features. Also at some point you will need to learn some coding if you want to improvise your website.

In conclusion, if you think that you can handle the disadvantages of Shopify, then you can use it for building your online store.     

How to start selling products online?

How to start selling products online?

It turns out that selling products online can be a very profitable business activity. This is quite natural because the Internet is used by millions of people on a daily basis. In some cases, people are trying to sell their own products while in others they are interested in selling other people’s or companies’ products. In any case, they will have to spend some time learning how to do this in the best way.

First of all, you have to make a website where you can offer your products. Select a name for your website that is related to the niche you have selected. You can use two or three words, but keep in mind that the name must be memorable. When you buy the domain name, you should start working on the website itself. Choose a professional web designer or use some of the eCommerce platforms.

Of course, creating a website is not enough. You will have to finish few more steps before you start selling products online. For example, you will have to spend some time trying to promote your website.

According to some experts, article marketing is one way to market a website. By writing engaging, useful and unique articles about your niche and products, you should be able to attract new customers and keep your existing ones. In their essence, these articles are trying to provide answers to customers’ problems. You can use these articles in the blog section of your website, on other people’s sites and blogs (guest blogging) and even on article submission platforms. This will help you make your website more visible and get more organic traffic to your website. By organic, we mean traffic that is not related to advertisement and marketing, typically traffic from search engines and social media.

We should also mention that email marketing is still working and that you can use this technique to promote your website too. It’s a smart move to add a subscription box on your website where visitors can leave their emails. Use their emails to send offers, useful information, and news from time to time. Keep in mind that you should not send spammy messages.

The Internet is full of information that can help you start selling products online right away. Use your free time to learn more about this process and keep reading even after you’ve started selling.